Softsure is a comprehensive insurance administration suite for insurers that is used for underwriting purposes and information gathering processes. This unique system allows for consultants to gather client information needed to generate premiums that are in line with the type of insurance the client requires. It consists of a series of questions provided to assist in gathering this information and determining the type of insurance.




Softloan was created as a customised total loans management system for the Badger Finance division. Applications are semi-automated and can be completed through a web interface. This data is imported in real time as well as telephonically, and is captured manually on the software. All loan processes are voice recorded and backed by certain documentary requirements. The software caters for fixed term loans as well as credit facilities on straight and budget accounts, and can be run simultaneously. The assessment process is thorough and adhering to responsible lending requirements as required by the National Credit Act.
 is a DIY car insurance portal that allows you to quote, buy and manage you car insurance policy online. We’ve taken the old fashioned, painstaking, long-winded way of insuring your car and created a shortcut for you. Finally, a shortcut that works (and works well)!
Our business model cuts out significant running costs, allowing this saving to be passed on to you – giving you a great deal on your car insurance!
Our philosophy is simple – shortcuts are good! And in line with this, has created 3 shortcuts to car insurance online. Quote, buy, manage!